Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tejocote Root?

Tejocote root, also known as raiz de tejocote, is derived from the mexican hawthorn root which is categorized within the apple family. The root helps detox the body to remove stored toxins and waste, burn stored body fat, and suppresses one's appetite. Our root is refined into a powder to be compressed into a capsule along with Konjac fiber. With the root in this form, your body is able to process and receive the fullest benefits.

What is Konjac fiber?

Konjac is a plant derived from Asia that has been used for food and medicinal purposes. It is known to help improve your body’s digestive system, help lower your cholesterol/blood sugar, and improve your body’s capability to burn carbohydrates. It also helps prevent hemorrhoids, improve your skin's health, and suppress your appetite.

How do I take this product and what is the suggested use?

Take one (1) capsule per day after your largest meal with eight (8) ounces of water. Your weight loss journey will be further enhanced by consuming foods with potassium.

What side effects should I expect?

When taking weightboss as directed consumers may experience the following: 

-Looser stools (body detoxing)

-Frequent urination (body detoxing)

-Body soreness 



The correct consumption of Weight Boss is taken once a day after a heavy meal, drink plenty of water (we recommend at least 2-3 liters of water daily), and be sure to replenish your potassium intake daily. Failure to follow proper consumption may lead to:



-Heart Palpitations/ Anxiety

-Numbness (low potassium intake) 

Weight Boss supplements are considered safe for most people. In the rare occurrence that you should experience side effects from these supplements, you should discontinue use immediately and contact your healthcare provider. The information and suggestions on is for informational purposes only and are not intended to replace the consultation of your doctor and should not be relied upon as an alternative to the advice of your healthcare professional.

What should I expect during my detox?

You’ll notice more restroom usage during the body's initial detoxing stage(i.e. looser stools and/or frequent urination).

You may also notice some slight fatigue and body soreness, which can vary person to person. 

What do I need to take to limit any potential side effects?

We advise drinking plenty of water (we recommend at least 2-3 liters of water daily).

Be sure to replenish your potassium intake daily. Foods/drinks such as bananas, avocados, tomatoes, coconut water, and other highly potassium enriched items can be alternatives to replenish your potassium.

Can I take the Body Detox and Root of Tejocote capsules together/in the same day?

We do NOT recommend taking both products in the same day. The main ingredient for both is the Root of Tejocote and each capsule is already measured for a perfect daily dosage. You may alternate days, weeks, or even months, but NEVER take both in the same day.

What is the difference in the Body Detox and Root of tejocote capsules? Which do you recommend?

Our Root of Tejocote capsules is a super mini capsule that contain the Root of Tejocote ONLY. Our Body Detox capsules contain the Root of Tejocote AND Konjac Fiber. If you have NEVER detoxed before, we recommend our body detox formula as the konjac fiber helps make the detoxing process more gentle/manageable.

Why am I feeling tired?

Due to detoxing, your body will feel a loss of energy. Making sure to replenish your potassium daily will help minimize the amount of fatigue you will experience.

Should I take weightboss on an empty stomach?

No, we advise that individuals take their weightboss supplements with their largest meal of the day with lots of water and potassium enriched foods. 

Can I take it if I have a medical condition?

Our weightboss supplements are 100% natural and safe to take. However, we always recommend consulting with your healthcare provider.

Who cannot take this product?

-Pregnant women

-Women who are breastfeeding

-Anyone under the age of 18

-Anyone over the age of 65

-Anyone with a severe medical condition (consult with your doctor)

-Those who suffer with pre existing heart conditions, dialysis patients, and those following treatments from prior procedures.

Why is my menstrual cycle off track?

While our product does not contain any hormonal additives, weight loss in general may affect your hormones and cause your cycle to be late or skip your cycle. If there’s any concern, please consult with your primary care doctor. 

Will this affect my birth control?

While our product does not interfere with any medications, It is very crucial to maintain your proper scheduling/intake of birth control because your hormones during weight loss can make you more fertile.

Will this have an affect on my medications?

Our product is 100% natural and will not interfere with any medications; however, we always recommend you consult with your healthcare provider before consuming weightboss. 

Are these products exclusive for one gender?

Weightboss can be taken by any gender! Weightboss does not contain any hormone additives.

Does this have caffeine?

No, as mentioned before our product does not contain a caffeine additive and so there will be no side effects such as feeling shaky or jittery.

How long will it take for me to see results?

Results do vary person to person as every diet/lifestyle is different. Most do tend to see results at about 3 months in, but HAVE PATIENCE. There will be a loss in inches before pounds, so there will be a difference in how your clothes fit before you notice a change on the scale.

Can I take this with any other products?

We recommend taking weightboss by itself as it will change your body’s bowel movements, eating habits, and will help detox. Taking only our product will help your body from being deprived of the proper nutrients if overloading your body with too many products at once. If being paired with any other products, please feel free to email us( so we may try to provide any guidance.

Is there an age limit?

Yes, we recommend between 18-65 years of age. Please seek doctor’s approval if under/over the recommended age limit.

What makes this product different from other companies?

While one of the ingredients is common with those other companies, the konjac fiber is what helps weightboss stand apart. The more gentle pooping and hemorrhoid prevention benefit makes the detoxing feel easier on the body. That along with the added benefits of burning carbohydrates maximizes your weight loss journey to its fullest potential. We are also always looking into ways to evolve and grow with our consumers and want to push out the best products/formulas we can create or find on the market. 

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