About The Owner

weightboss is a small family business based out of San Antonio, Texas that started with a simple dream.

After working with Tejocote Root for over 7 years, we decided to branch out and reformulate to a product that is much more beneficial to our clients. We wanted to be more hands on with our company and have a true and everlasting effect on your journey. With weightboss, you are a part of our family. Your goals are our goals. Your wins are our wins, and your losses are our losses. We will always be there to cheer you on and motivate you whenever needed.

Our Mission

Our goal at weightboss is to bring you the highest quality and formulation of products while helping guide you on your weight loss journey. We take pride in our customer service; which is why we chose to be the first and only company with Tejocote Root products that have a 30 day money back guarantee on your first order. We also provide a 24 hr chat service to answer any and all questions one may have.

  • Available Around The Clock

    We believe that the best support leads to the best outcomes. Weight loss can be difficult when approached alone and often the push to lose weight comes to a halt as a result. We live and breathe weightboss and are available to you 24/7 around the clock directly via chat or email. Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us.

  • Support and Follow Us

    We love and appreciate all our customers who have spread the use of our products with social media. Please follow us on all platforms.

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